Asia Grocers sells produce direct from the source and has been a family owned business serving the community since 1996. We know that the only items we carry are healthy, clean nutrients that we select ourselves. We sell cilantro (coriander), fenugreek leaves (methi), toor dal lentils, sona masoori rice, atta flour, basmati rice, Indian bitter melon and much much more. With these ingredients, you have the starting point for nutritious meals that have been enjoyed in India for thousands of years. In the summer we grow many items locally. Fresh from the farm to your stove, it’s nourished and shared with human hands. Visit our two convenient locations at Cromwell Plaza in Cromwell or Fresh Farms Market on Blue Hills Avenue in Bloomfield. We carry all major brands and are always looking for new products to bring to our customers.



Are you new to preparing Indian cuisine? Here are some yummy meals you can make, based off the book Indian Cooking: The Food and the Lifestyle, by Beverly Leblanc:


Coriander could form a portion of a tandoori masala paste or homemade keema matar, sweet and sour lentils, or spinach and paneer.


Use Basmati rice to make Kitchri or Dosas.


Those names unfamiliar? Dig into some references. The Food Lover’s Companion states that Toor Dal lentils or pigeon peas are endemic to Africa and are edible cooked. Leblanc provides further context for new Indian chefs. She explains that lentils form the basis for Dals and that chili peppers are Portugal’s contribution to Indian Cuisine, and is strongly associated with food from that country.



As described by food-india.com, “Atta is Indian whole wheat flour used to make flatbread such as chapati, roti, paratha or puri. Traditionally fresh Atta were prepared at home by grinding wheat in homemade stone grinder known as Chakki. Atta has high fiber content due to high bran and also is high in gluten thus its doughs can be strong and rolled out very thin.”


Take a look at our photos and you’ll see that our trademark is fresh, raw ingredients. No preservatives. What you want is what you get. Getting home late from work and wanting a nourishing traditional meal but you don’t have any ingredients at home? Take a quick detour to one of our accessible locations, either Bloomfield, CT or Cromwell, CT. We’re open to at least 8 pm at both of our locations during the week and open on the weekend as well. Check our contact page for our full schedule. We are dedicated to supporting our local community and are affiliated with many Indian associations in Connecticut for over two decades.


And if preparing a whole meal doesn't fit within your time budget today, we have that covered too. We sell prepackaged frozen, authentic Indian meals and chaat, which are Indian snacks. So big or small, if you need your Indian fix, here we are.